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Filmed this video in Chicago final week. Didn’t have a cameraman so I discovered somebody on twitter to movie for me as a result of I actually wished to get a video out. This is not my finest video however it’s not unhealthy. Got some epic stuff within the works so hopefully this can maintain you guys over. Give the video a like if you wish to see extra content material! Love you guys #FAM

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  1. Yooo guys follow me on Instagram @BigDawsTv I'm going to be giving away a professional video camera soon to help someone who wants to be a youtuber ?? @BigDawsTv on Instagram

  2. Many times people on the street asked me to sell them my dog, even some people took some photos of her. She was a gorgeous gray poodle, without a doubt she was an important part of my life. I miss her so much :'(

  3. Nice video. But you would have gotten a way better reaction if you went to more urban areas. Ppl in the hood gone sell that dog for $500 maybe even less, easily.

  4. i'll sell my dog for $1 million dollar . could buy lots of things with that or give it to my parents who i love way more than my dog. but that's just me. maybe some ppl see their dog like their kid and who can sell their kid? i know i wouldnt sell my kid for ANY money. but my dog isnt my kid to me so.. bye doggie

  5. The people who would take 100,000 are fucking monsters. What is wrong with this world. They deserve to be locked up at LEAST.

  6. When u dont sell the dog it just shows that u really care DO care about the dog, unlike that one guy…

  7. Haven't watched the video yet.
    There IS gonna be that guy that will DEMAND HIS money…

  8. I'd do it if I could go to a bank with him and make sure the money wasn't counterfeit or anything. I'm a bad person.

  9. My dads dog got shot and he loved that dog more than me I can't imagine how he felt his name was Zeus and he had some puppies so my dad got two and named them Aeris and Apollo there beautiful pit bulls but I know my dad wouldn't sell Zeus for a billion dollars

  10. Are you kidding me? No semi intelligent person is going to sell their dog to a man wearing a nice, full suit on a hot, summer day, at the beach, who is conveniently carrying around a brief case with exactly 100k for just such an occasion. Wtf that would be the most bizarre situation ever no way in hell

  11. Dogs are way too loyal. Dogs are the best things anyone could have. They solve so many problems. They would risk their lives to save you with out even thinking. I have three corgies!


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