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  1. I remember playing the gameboy without color when I was 6, and that was like 16 years ago. now kids are used to touch screens. My lord what happened lol

  2. this was this guy's first video on his channel,How did it get over 1 mil views???!! no tags were used as well, these trending people need to let me in on their secret

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  4. I knew this day would come. trying to use it as a touch screen. look how young she is and thats what she tries first. to touch the screen. back in my day i was happy with buttons that i could press and make something on screen move.

  5. There is something what i cant understand, why there is people saying that they miss ps2? Xd I mean ps4 is still controlled with joysticks so it is almost the same xd. Sorry for my english :v


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