‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host could have unique sitdown with parents of US scholar simply launched from North Korea and revealed to be in a coma. Tune in Wednesday at eight pm ET for the interview you may solely see on Fox News #Tucker



  1. This is a travesty of justice, this ' white ' American criminal is rightly sentenced to 15 years and gets to sleep through it, how's that justice ?

  2. What an idiot for going there, it would be as if me a Homosexual went to Iran , me might not ever be seen or heard from again … Wake the F up , don't feel sorry for this jack ass !

  3. I've thought and prayed for him. I have a daughter around his age and this would be more than I could take. Anyone here that says he deserves this should think what they got into when they was young. Everyone has done something they wouldn't do now.

  4. No sympathy here. If you were stupid enough to be any where near North Korea, espically if you are some naive rich white kid, who was very immature, you deserve to suffer or die. Be smart people!

  5. Smart people sometimes do dumb things. We all have an impulsive behaviors. This bit him in the butt, to bad.


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