Universities nationwide nix Columbus Day for ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ as Antifa threatens violence. #Tucker



  1. Black Plague? Sick rats? Sick slaves? Rotting bread? Forgetting that there was an Indian war was going on before "the traveler" came around

  2. I'm offended by Martin Luther King's womanizing. I don't think he should have a holiday in his name either. Could someone see to that? And while you're at it, could you rip down a few of his statues in the process?

  3. Fuk columbus, he forced the indigenous people to bring gold to him and if they didnt he cut off their hands and made them wear it around their neck. He took 500 natives to spain and raped and killed 200ppl on the trip there. Learn from real history and not white history.

  4. Curious question, why do Americans celebrate it on the second Monday of October and not on the actual date Columbus arrived to America, which was October 12?

  5. To be against Columbus is to be against the Italians and latinos, he is racist. He did what he had to do in his time. Our society and his are very different, how ridiculous to compare the two. Things were harsh because that was common. These people don't know their history.

  6. So this guy is a total racist and stupid. Tucker is right send money. OMG I'm so sick of hearing this shit. Why doesn't he try to make his black community better by supporting his people, why tear down the past of the US? Work on your people if thing are so terrible for them past and present. This agenda is getting real old real fast.

  7. Interesting. Tucker stated an immigrant from a Spanish speaking country and this so called professor didn't correct him on it. Christopher Columbus came from an Italian country that speaks Italiano, who served Spain.

  8. Don't see how blacks have any right to talk about any other race. Africa gave them everything. Gold,Diamonds, Iron ore, gems etc. All the raw materials needed to evolve into something besides a mud hut savage and what did they do with it ??? NOTHING. "Oh but dey was Kangs n shit" ROFLMBWRAO

  9. And it was the Jews who owned and operated the largest fleet of SLAVE ships who bought Jason Nichols ancestry in shackles from Africa to the 13 colonies of America ! But to mention that labels a person as antisemitic ?

  10. All Columbus did was help rape, murder, and destroy the indigenous people purposely. What's the big deal? It's not like he flew a couple planes into the wtc towers. He was a different kind of mass murderer, he was a celebrated one. During those times it was ok to rape and kill everyone was doing it. And if you tell me everything I was ever taught was a lie I'll cover my ears, shutdown and believe that you're a communist and you hate America.

  11. Maybe the professor would like to talk about the federal solders of African descent, who killed "Native Americans". With that said. The world is filled with such past tragedies on all continents, committed by persons who are now deceased. The future is now, not in the past, and we should all learn from the mistakes of the past. It is statistically proven, that the majority of the "Native American" population supports the United States Constitution. The professor is a Leftist. And as all Leftist, he is committed to putting an end to American Sovereignty, which means the end of Freedom for all Americans of every race, including "Native Americans", which is why the majority of the "Native American" population supports the United States Constitution.

  12. We didn't have any type of slavery in the Caribbean before Colon and after he came we almost got completely exterminated, he's men rape and kill women and children, Google is your friend educate yourself people

  13. I'm sorry for living in Portland Oregon. But I am glad to hear we have at least one professor who challenges thought.

  14. Ok there, "black" dude … let's take your first points( 4:14 into the video) step by step.
    1- America didn't exist when Columbus supposedly landed on our shores!
    2- Since America didn't exist … Columbus didn't illegally cross "our" nations borders!
    3- Your black ass wasn't even here yet! Blacks didn't show up until well after the colonies were established.
    4- Columbus did NOT slaughter every person he encountered. … So your 200,000 number, plus more, is entirely made up in your own, "unicorns shit rainbows" utopia.

    Let's see what other idiocy this racist, brain-dead, Progressive, bigot, vomits out of his mouth.

  15. And to think after the civil war America could have sent blacks back home to their families. But they stayed but yet this generation hates America go back home already.

  16. White fair skin peoples have been on this planet as long as any one else. White fair skin tribes have been slaughtered, genocide, tribal lands stolen by brown skin tribes and those that fled had to endure freezing climate lands to survive. History is not 500 years old for the convenience of white hating brown skin racists. History is very long, good, bad and ugly for all, not cherry picked to accommodate the black & brown skin supremacists who hold dearly to the Amnesia of their own violent and brutal past.
    Everything the accusers claim done to them, they have have done it to another and they must keep this truth from being found out because if it where discovered, their grievance industry gravy train would crash. Civilizations rise from the need to put savages in check and give common peoples a right to live under a rule of law so that all who support and contribute to it can flourish & prosper. No civilization is perfect but savages and barbarians cutting the heads of your woman & children is not much of an alternative.

  17. Fuck Columbus day. I get that it means something to Europeans but there were literally organized groups of people already there. Its these small things that make right wingers look like pieces of shit. "Oh no keep up the statue of the defector whose main purpose was to retain slavery"

    Sorry but some of you really need a reality check especially when it comes to common sense. Not some tit for tat bullshit where you talk about a fat tumblr snowflake after I rebuke you. Actual common sense where you simply look at things from a person of a different cultures views.

    Seriously this like oblivious old White dude schtick doesn't pass the sniff test for me so I know it doesn't for God.

    Little things like that can make a big difference, FOX. It would be cool if we could not always act aloof like you know your point is right over simple issues.

  18. And the Aztecs cut the still-beating hearts out of their enemies. Why not discuss the pagan brutality that already existed in this part of the world? The Europeans brought more civility to this part of the world.

  19. Celebrating mass murdering indigenous people and taking their land as a holiday is crazy. And the aristocracy of yesteryear didn't finance the discover of the new world for their day laborers and non-thinkers aka the lower rung.


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