Turkey pardoning is a bizarre custom.
They’re principally all responsible…of being scrumptious.

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  1. The President should do a Game of Thrones reenactment of Ned Stark's death complete with a King Joffrey impersonation. The turkey being Ned Stark, of course.

  2. Reminds me of the West Wing turkey pardoning episode.

    CJ: "One of them gets a full life at a children's zoo, the other….gets eaten!"

    President Bartlet: "If the Oscars were like that, I'd watch."

  3. oh, i see, it's funny because instead of doing the ethical logical thing, John Oliver is advocating for being a complete piece of shit. cool cool. yeah… fuck treating other sentient beings with respect.. that would be ridiculous… we should just keep killing for the lolz and under no circumstances question our actions or beliefs. that makes sense, right?

  4. It's the President's way of saying "You are the one who lives, tell everyone about us". And I also assume the turkey that doesn't get pardoned escapes to Russia with Edward Snowden.

  5. I think people who go vegan for concern animals are quite amazing, but the ones that piss me off are those that do it and show off to everyone how healthy their lifestyle apparantly is, or those that try to force it on me like they're from some cult


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