At least 10 people have reportedly been killed in Afrin, Syria, as Turkey bombed the predominantly Kurdish region. Footage from the scene shows hospitals treating wounded civilians and locals donating blood.

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  1. Didn’t Trump say that he was gonna stop ISIS within 100 days? ? biggest joke besides Trump becoming President. And I don’t give a rats ass about political shit

  2. never trust a country with a pentagon on its flag / Turkey USA Korea China /never trust a country with a Red white n Blue Flag /

  3. Little pussy Turks won't attack the Zionst controlled Turks east of the Euphraties. This is all pretense to Balkanize Syria on behalf of Israel

  4. Since the US is backing the Kurds & the Turks are agains't the Kurds , I guess we have a war between Turkey & America , so we have Syria, Iran , Russia , North Korea, China , that are on America's hit list . America has proven itself to be the least trust worthy , most evilest nation in the world and will meet it's end in the Middle East .

  5. Turkey it self might be next. somehow I see the connection here between Russia and Turkey gas pipeline deal. US doesn't give a f+++ about partners , all about $$$

  6. 4 million Syrians did not come for tourist trips to Turkey. The Syrian state could not protect them. We will now be cleaning up all North Syria starting from Afrin. in Turkey it will be sent back to their country of 4 million Syrian refugees.

  7. Due to constant threats to Turkish territorial integrity from Syria based terror militias, Turkish armed forces on directives of President Erdogan launched earth shattering military operation to completely annihilate & eliminate USA sponsored Kurdish terror gangs. Pakistan mighty military and nuclear forces will always stand by Turkish armed forces & nation. No power on earth can stand in our way. TurkPak enemies shall perish & meet the terrible fate.

    Long Live Turkey
    Long Live Pakistan

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