Two bodies found on burning Iranian oil tanker
Two bodies are found on board the Iranian oil tanker burning in the East China Sea, Chinese state media says, a week after it collided with another ship. Samantha Vadas reports.
A massive rescue operation in the East China Sea.

Emergency workers unloading the bodies of two crew members, said to have been found on board a burning oil tanker on Saturday (January 13) as 13 boats attempt to put out the fire.

The Iranian ship has been ablaze for a week since it collided with a Chinese vessel with 32 crew members on board.

Another body was pulled from the water earlier this week.

Chinese state media says four rescue workers searched the cockpit but found no one.

It also said that high temperatures in the crew’s living room was making it impossible for teams to access.

They had however, found the blackbox.

It comes a day after Reuters was told the tanker had drifted into Japan’s economic zone on Wednesday (January 10) as strong winds pushed it away from the Chinese coast.

The vessel was making a delivery to South Korea and carrying a highly flammable ultra-light crude when it collided with the ship and erupted in flames.

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