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  1. Quick tips to all my pure post :
    Learn how to do a hop step jumper , use a shimmy(flicking the stick) when backing a man down beyond the block this sets the man up for whichever move you use. Finally learn how to shimmy fade
    Trust me my pure post is literally impossible to guard .

  2. Completely agree, especially when you look how it is now with dropstep being the most consistent post move but also having a game breaking glitch that kicks everyone out randomly when you have it HOF.

  3. I see what you saying and I definitely agree with bringing back those post badges. But the key principle of post scoring is good position and creating space. The badges are geared to give you wide open looks in a one on one situation and as a big should be a bucket. But I do agree the fades and hooks definitely need work and possibly badges

  4. That sums it up, but then ACTUAL POST UP STATS across hybrids is pedestrian, only pures get that real benefit and of course the badges mean squat.

    If bruiser were exclusive and wore down defenders on a series of moves (hop step, dropstep, post spin) or like a dimer effect per the move (up and under, post to face up drive) i mwan, rip pure post

  5. Yeah post scorers are just not really good builds as usual for some reasons.
    1. A big man shot creator gets all the moves a post scorer has plus mid range dead eye and difficult shots
    2. Big man finisher gets post spin technician and better dunking and layups
    3. Big man rebounder gets up and under maybe post spin and better rebounding and off ball playing.
    4. The badges a post scorer gets every other big man gets a piece ie bruiser/brick wall
    5. Hooks and fades are trash and a finisher or a glass cleaner has better chance hitting mid ranges than a post scorer hitting the fade or hook.

  6. I agree 100% I was using my post scorer while I was watching this video lol and spin tech is useless in the park because I ALWAYS get triple teamed so I have to pass it out

  7. I agree with this man I have a athletic shot creator I've been getting some big BS with my player the fades .are not dropping at all bro and i have difficult shots at silver 2k played us dirty this year and shoutout to u Odell only you-tuber that have done this vid bro and seriously Bro keep up the good work bro

  8. 1 more thing … 2k says they want us to play year around but theres no motivation. Madden gives carry over rewards. Depending how good you did an how much time an effort you put in the year prior they give you lil boosts for the next year. I feel like if 2k said in 2k19 you will get unlimited +5 boost to 1 cat for 750 wins or 2 boosts for 1500 wins or hit ovl 95 for skateboard in 2k19 or hit 97ovl for hof badge of your choice to start the year … something to make it worth while. 365 days later ive spent 350$ and XXXX hours but NOTHING to show for it. This would make the game alot better and more competitive towards the end of the year. What you think?


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