Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) holds a press convention after a white nationalist rally turned violent in Charlottesville.



  1. Does it bother anyone that the virginian government is using its power to basically chase out an unpopular idea out of its jurisdiction? I don't know if the government, a government that has a first amendment, should be in the business of chasing people out who they don't want to speak. It just seems like we would be shrinking the first amendment in that case.

  2. Someone should remind the good governor that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington that while considered patriots they both owned slaves. How is the institution of slavery different from any other despotic regime or violent ideology which aims to rule the world?

  3. What about those fucking pieces of shit from antifa and blm you fucking dirt bag faggot! THOSE WERE THE VIOLENT MOTHER FUCKERS YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

  4. I love how the black guy stopped nodding in approval as soon as the governor mentioned Thomas Jefferson and George Washington ?

  5. I would like to fuck up racist white people aka real illegals in this country. I would like to beat the shit out of Republicunts and conservativetards.

  6. When your president fails you in such things, like the failure to call out right wing terrorism, it is good to see that someone with authority will. For shame Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for fucking shame.

  7. Omg! Shut up! Did you say the same things to the Black Lives Matters Idiots that attacked and burned down cities?? Of course not! Don't give us this BS! This is Bad—however this has been worse—-and YOU said Nothing!

    So Shut Up!

    This f00l brought up "Native Americans" being the only "Natives" to America! Oh—Shut up! Gawd–I am sick of Libtard-ed morons.
    As a "Native American" WE are Not Natives of the Americas—-we are originally from Asia! No one is originally from the Americas. So Stop it with the embarrassing White Guilt Libtard-ed B.S.!!!

  8. Here is a better idea. Monorities go home. This is a white nation founded by whites, built by whites, for whites. Blacks were brought here on mostly Jew owned slave ships for mostly Jew slave owners. Fact. Look it up. Minorities cause the vast majority of violent crime in America. They suck up must if the social program money per capita. All one has to do is look. Look at the areas infested by minorities. They are shit holes. In a lot of cases these areas were prior occupied by whites and they were nice and safe. It has nothing to do with being poor. You have to understand I'm not saying one race is better or inferior to another. What the truth is that the races are DIFFERENT. And when you try to make them coexist trouble starts. That's exactly what the government wants so they can control us while they keep control all of us. STOP THE HATE, SEPERATE. and get rid of all of these traitors in our government.


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