Feels good to be back! Some thoughts on training camp and the upcoming season.

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  1. 2017-18 player rankings (Top 10):
    1 Lebron
    2 KD
    3 Curry
    4 Kawhi
    5 Russel W
    6 A Davis
    7 Harden
    8 Giannis (still young/learning)
    9 CP3 (true PG/floor general)
    10 Irving (most clutch in the league)

  2. please KD… Come and build two courts in Zambia on the next time off season …. and please let me be the main contact. (+260 964 871 730)

  3. Dear Mr. KD! Please, invite Tom Meschery in you next video! Only picture on the Warriors gym wall is not enought now! Lot of respect from Russia and Belarus!

  4. I'm Coming, says Russ. What you gonna do now we got PG-13, a nice replacement in the small forward spot for you. There's no replacing you, but a solid replacement, and freaking Melo!!! We coming for GSW. Can't wait bro! I'll see you in the tunnels at The Peake. I'm still your fan, just wished you still played for us, but in a way, you leaving let the world know what Russ is all about!!!!

  5. Kevin pleas beat the hell out the Dallas Mavericks next season even tho am a fan of the mavs but I hate mark cuban . And am a fan of you sir good luck

  6. I call Golden State Warriors Winning the finals in 4 games or 5 if GSW want to win the championship game at home. Keep it Golden State Warriors bby!!✨✨✨✨✨???????all while out team keeps giving glory to God.????


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