Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, weighs in on the not guilty verdict of the suspect in the Kate Steinle trial.



  1. It being ruled an “accident” doesn’t explain the “not guilty of manslaughter”. He would have to not know that guns are dangerous, in order to pull a not guilty on manslaughter.

  2. This was San Fransisco..this Illegal POS had a jury of “His”peers…Not American peers..
    Recently Napolitano has been “down with the cause “ of the Legal Swamp.

  3. Of course it was political. What kind of simple minded biped would even ask such a stupid question. He was tried by a jury of his peers. OTHER ILLEGALS!! Not to mention the fact that the entire state of Crapifornia caters to these criminals. Why would anyone think for one minute he would be convicted.

  4. wow I'm blown away. this as absolutely political. this was a slap to trump that's all! so now you can shoot someone get away with it   …illegals have more rights than American citizens!  what are we the people going to do about this?

  5. It sends the wrong message. Now shitbag illegal aliens (that's right,they're not undocumented immigrants) will be emboldened think they just have to move to San Francisco and play stupid to get away with blatant felonies.

  6. Trump made it political when he started exploiting her death as a divisive campaign issue. It’s called political opportunism for a reason. It’s also called playing with fire. —And as for the verdict being political, we may never know, because Trump inserted himself into the case. Trump needs to learn how to shut the fuck up. Words have consequences. Even from Twitsville Twitter. This was just an isolated murder case. The next time might just be thermonuclear global war.

  7. Yesterday's verdict was a political verdict, and a big fuck you from democrats, liberals, progressives!!!
    America wake up!
    This CAN happen to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hope the President doesn't cave in to the demands of the Democrats to include DACA on the spending bill, this would only give a green light to the Democrats to block any future attempts to pass enforcement bills. DACA is the only ace the president has against these bastards to pass enforcement bills like the Raise Act, Kate's Law and full funding for the wall

  9. His attorney Gonzalez made it political. His direct attack of trump when he should have been talking about the case was all we need to know.


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