MSNBC’s Ari Melber confronts Senate candidate Joe Arpaio over his immigration record and fact checks Arpaio’s claim that accepting President Trump’s pardon doesn’t mean he’s guilty. The Supreme Court ruled otherwise as Melber explains on The Beat.
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Watch Joe Arpaio Learn His Pardon Was An Admission Of Guilt | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC



  1. There's got to be a cut off point of say 75-yo for ANY government positions..
    Its totally baffling to me that you can only serve 2 terms as President..
    But Judges gets jobs for life.. They should go thru a Test to see if they are FIT & Sound of minds before they can continue to serve as judges.

  2. The Constitution of the United States protects against cruel and unusual punishment. So this guy having convicts in a tent city is a violation of that as he is subjecting them to excessive temperatures. The fact that he avoided every time the reporter tried to get him to admit the truth just shows he isn't capable of handling the truth. He admitted guilt by accepting the pardon, so he don't belong in a position to make laws period.

  3. Calling passenger Kommandant Arpaio: Your room is ready on the 13th floor of The.Great Hotel Mephitopolis,Your room mate for now is Mr Adolph Hitler. Like yourself, a paranoid schizo, and son of Hotel's builder.

  4. “…On the radio everyone talking…”

    Hey, I hear TV is in color now!

    I’m pretty sure technology has not advanced in his redneck of the woods!

  5. Joe Arpaio is an infuriating individual from my stand point. He wishes to be appointed a representative of these United States of America and yet openly displays a contempt of law makers. He is unwilling to face the consequences or implications of his behavior.

    When I orignially heard of Joe Arpaio and his prison camps I was amused. It sounded entertaining and a novel approach to criminal rehabilitation. I then learned the details of his camps. I learned that many individuals being detained in those camps had not seen trial. He was blatantly ignoring the United States stance of innocent until proven guilty. He was treating citizens of these United States of America in ways which are unconstitutional. He was violating basic human rights. He was putting the lives of those he was responsible for at risk.

    Furthermore when Joe Arpaio was confronted with the illegality of his actions, rather than accept the court ruling as was his responsibility as an officer of the law, Joe Arpaio chose to defy the law and continue his criminal behavior.

    I am neither Republican nor Democrat, neither liberal nor conservative. I do my research and I vote my conscience. I expect my representatives to uphold the highest standards of integrity, honor, dignity, and compassion. Joe Arpaio demonstrates none of these qualities.

  6. I find it mindbogglingly that any voter having seen this chap speak would think it's a good idea to vote for him. He can barely string a sentence together regardless of your political leanings why would anyone vote for someone that doesn't understand at all what accepting a pardon means. Surely the republicans can field a better candidate.

  7. Is it true he burned a dog alive while the owner cried? EDIT: "There is no evidence that Joe Arpaio ever personally burned a dog alive or laughed when the dog’s owner cried. However, it was reported in 2004 that a Maricopa County SWAT team serving a weapons burglary search warrant under Arpaio’s supervision did."

  8. This ex-lawman does not know the law, how could he uphold it. Mr. Arpaio is confused and should take several seats not seek another seat in public office.

  9. Simple!! Probation admitted Guilt!! Parole admitted Guilt!!! So what the f%#k you think is a pardon? I'LL wait,he wants to make the laws & break them,I'll wait again SMFH,Common sense Dummies,Same as TRUMP PAYS NO TAX,BUT LAYS DOWN A TAX PLAN LOL!!!!

  10. Presidents don't pardon Misdemeanors. He wants to be a Senator and doesn't know that a PARDON is an ADMISSION of GUILT? He can't even answer a question. He is clearly another "trumpee flunkie". DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS HORRIFIC MAN!


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