Call it the art of the poker face. Watch Justin Trudeau try to keep a straight face during Donald Trump’s theatrical statements on the potential dissolve of NAFTA, nuclear arsenals, and fake news.

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  1. they have diff points of view. Justin is a LEFT who had mr SOROs helped get him elected.

    That's right G SOROS owns the TIDE FOUNDATION IN ONT> CANADA.

    Trump knows that. he is counting on this PM gone for 2019. so am I,

  2. Think Justin & Sophie were simply trying to be polite with someone who has some deep mental health issues. Sophie being a former journalist looked like she was squirming in her own skin listening to Trump's take on the media.

  3. Trump has been viewed & studied by 27 psychiatrists world wide, including professors of psychiatry. They have all come to the conclusion that Trump suffers from a number of mental illnesses. He is not fit to be the leader of the USA.He is a threat to the world !

  4. Hey Macleans. !!!!! What's With the spooky comical music ????

    Not at all manipulative ???
    Your a news site

  5. Why do you add that g'damn music in the background? No right-minded person (no pun intended) can't figure out your sick agenda. And you wonder why Trump gets so upset about "fake news"?

  6. The Canadian thing is pointing with the thumb is like saying "This Guy Man" . Trudeau should of. The cough said it all though…good one.

  7. trudeau has the, left jab in the bridge of the nose with an immediate monster right driven right thru trumps face into the back of his skull, disgusted look .


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