BuzzFeedYellow has modified it is identify to Boldly. It’s the identical content material and love simply Bolder.

Subscribe for every day movies about magnificence, trend, physique positivity, and to affix a neighborhood of unbelievable ladies working to empower and encourage one another.

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  1. We hope you like the new name! The content you loved from BuzzFeedYellow won't be going away but this channel will now focus more on beauty, fashion, body positivity and creating a community of incredible people working to empower and inspire each other. We are so excited to have you be a part of it!

  2. I'm really curious as to why buzzfeed is hated on? Don't they put out a good message? And why do people unsub just because the name changed? it's still going to be the same kind of content.

  3. I wish Kristen and Kelsey would leave Buzzfeed and make their own channels. I love them so much, and they don't need to be held back from a couple of jackasses that work at buzzfeed

  4. So I thought that Boldly was another beauty channel that the world has to look at and then I realized that it was BuzzFeed and then I was like "ok then"

  5. I'm pretty excited to see the content on this channel. Love all these ladies and the ladies of LadyLike. Congrats on the new change and I can't wait to see what's next!

  6. Why can't there be a channel just like this but for guys also, I wanna see guys try and do different things and not just the try guys

  7. It feels like they are trying to be really PC as if they are being forced to (comment that's not true at all if you need help)

  8. Ughhh, I'm not against the name or their message for body positivity and makeup stuff, but where are all the "unfeminine" videos gonna be? I like the weird stuff and getting married for a week videos. Does this mean that all the new "unfeminine" videos will be posted on Buzz Feed Video?

  9. I dunno… the fact that the name changed makes it less appealing for some odd reason. It's like having the name as Buzzfeed Yellow gave me a reason to stay subscribed.

  10. ._. ooook, so… yes… name change… because they're bold… riiiiight…
    Why didn't they renamed the channel to "We Desperately Need A Good MakeUp Artist To Help Us"?


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