Yemen is under siege by a Saudi-led coalition that relies on support from the US and the UK. The blockade has resulted is the worst current famine in the world, with 150 children dying each day. Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Gulf Affairs Institute, discusses the horrific details with RT America’s Ed Schultz.

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  1. Obama administration caused this shit in lybia and yemen. Under killarys state dept. Dont worry guys we are working to fix it now. We have a real leader in office again. We will clean up those messes the liberals left.

  2. No shit Sherlock in occupied arabia's and me land's too. Bahraini Qatar etc too. Libya Somalia Iraq Afghanistan to chechnya and Palestinian/Syria etc too.

  3. No SHIT Sherlock. Frogs FUCK uk NATO HOLO hoaxes Moscow's Iranians and backed pkk mossad Isis houthis and Taliban regime's or bogeyman Fuck too.

  4. No SHIT Sherlock. Because of the pipelines minerals drug's farm's etc again. Strategic routes sea routes ports sea resources sea minerals etc and total domanice or control power conquer etc too.

    Non stop encircling in Persian gulf Pakistan's balochistan to south sea China and Korean pensiula too. No SHIT Sherlock . Analyst or so called expert's who. More's destabilizing instability etc and forced regime's changes too.

    Economic warfare
    Currencies war's
    Waters war's etc no SHIT Sherlock.

  5. Proxy war's between Saudi vs Iran again too. For eg Iraq vs Iran too. Creates another's failed paedophile ynion projects or expansion in occupied fake Yemen too. It's all occupied Arabia's lands too. Classic divide/rules and conquer too.

  6. I dont know what,s saddest the terrible plight of Yemen or the chronic lack of sympathy in the comments below. Obviously its Yemen but ………

  7. The damn Yemen factions have been killing each other for decades. This victim blaming is a joke. Stop having children until you get your nation in order and stop acting like barbaric animals dictated by your death cult ideology!

  8. Complicit? So if you're shooting people and I'm reloading your gun does that make me complicit? It's a little more than complicit..

  9. this is sick.,. fuck the Saudis…. these people make a ducking mess. listen to jews… and then tell us to take these people in Europe America, and other western world.

  10. Please note dear people of Yemen, the corporate monopolists in DC that do all these evil things to your people because of their greed do NOT represent the American people- the greed driven tyrants in DC serve themselves and their $$$ interests ONLY.
    Most American people are opposed to the pirate corporate monopolists in DC who engage in wars for profit and most American's still believe our nation should only go to war if we are invaded.
    Most Americans do not like the fake TV news personalities that deliver our news either- they are all shallow, fake and exceedingly greedy too…. they are ALL pigs in lipstick, and most of the women are actually tranny's to be specific.


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