A different portion of the same Martin Luther King speech used in the recent Dodge RAM commercial.



  1. Dont forget ! Dont forget !!! Please !!! Dont forget !!! One upon a time, they were people …. smart people….. great people with minds …… Dont forget !!!

  2. This is just so fucking awesome. I posted this passage. Thank you for turning it into the commercial. This is the internet at it's best.

  3. Um I think you guys are missing the point. He wasn’t anti-car obviously. He was anti-marketing towards a person’s more base nature of pride and ego. The commercial hung its hat on servitude, not being better then your neighbor. If anything they took the right queue from King. Think deeper kids.

  4. This is the most disrespectful commercial I have ever seen. How dare you use MLK voice as a way to sell cars. You have greatly disrespected his honour and what he has died for. It's just disgusting how our society has succum to doing this to sell a damn car.

  5. The King family(who control his estate) decided the movie Selma didn't represent his values but Dodge does……………..wise

  6. Gotta love the anti-capitalists. They hate capitalism but it's that capitalism that provides all this luxury, like having access to the internet and writing this comment… freely.
    Some of those anti-everything are probably reading this on a smartphone or tablet… or maybe a laptop, and they still hate capitalism. ehehe go figure ;-P

  7. Seriously, blacks in general must be smarter than whites. When Budweiser or Coca-Cola do some bullshit patriotic ad with horses or dogs, they really believe they do it for the good of the country. Blacks took the Dodge ads for the bullshit they are.

  8. You cut two parts of his speech together to make it misleading. He was talking about your ego and how you shouldn't give into it when it doesn't serve others.


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