Fox News contributor and former Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz discusses FBI Director Andrew McCabe stepping down from his post.



  1. Democrook, McCabe, head FBI, walks free and clear with hefty retirement. Leaving tax payers still being charged for his crimes.

  2. McCabe your insurance policy ended up killing you fool.  Don't mess with Trump because he's obviously​ well protected

  3. No one in the DEMS or "normal"  news bureaus  have said  that McCabe was forced out by the WH.  FOX news is  saying this erroneous reporting  is being broadcasted   and  FOX  is agitating the RIGHT to  get all pissy.  Typical…and yes…THIS  kind of FOX  stuff is  what FAKE  news is all about, folks.

  4. Wow… democrats are freaking out about this memo… they REALLY don't want it released. Republicans in the house UNANIMOUSLY voted to release it, Dems UNANIMOUSLY voted NOT to release it. And…. and…. the dems are already on TV, on major news, calling this false, lies, etc…

    So, either 1) EVERY SINGLE Republican in the house is doing this in favor of Trump (unlikely as they haven't been unanimous on anything, and many outright don't like him anyways) or 2) Every Republican member of the house has been compromised by the Kremlin (come on… but I'm sure dems would like you to believe this one) or 3) This memo will show that the FBI and DOJ were politicized under Obama, illegally targeted (FISA) the Trump campaign, followed a Russia collusion investigation based on opposition paid/bought dossier and not facts, oh, and also worked to exonerate Hillary…

    I'll vote number 3.

    We already know about fusion GPS, $ paid by DNC for the anti Trump dossier, Comey typing his Clinton exoneration prior to investigation finished, Comey calling it a "matter" in place of "investigation" after being instructed to do so by the DNC, Comey being ok with changing the wording from "gross negligence" after Strzok decided to do so… which is the wording of the law btw, the texts between Strzok and Page indicating Trump hatred, "secret society", "having an insurance policy in case Trump won", and these are the people who worked on the Clinton investigation, charging Flynn/Manafort, and the same ones on the Russia investigation… oh, and keeping a server in your house, using bleach bit on electronics, taking hammers to lap tops and black berries, etc…. why do people do that I wonder?

    Those are all facts folks. Please go look them up and read. And these all fit best with option #3!!!!!! I bet dems don't want this memo released!!!!!

    BRING OUT THAT MEMO!!!!!!!!!

  5. None of them should be allowed to retire. They should be suspended, without pay, pending outcome of investigation into misconduct, malfeasance and obstruction of justice. If found guilty they should forfeit any benefits/retirement.

  6. tRump lies so much and denies everything, how can anyone believe him? Except the stupid trumptards of course, pathetic sheeple.

  7. "White House denies Trump was part of McCabe’s decision-making process"
    Of course they do, just as they've repeatedly denied that Trump ever contemplated firing Mueller, and his reason firing Comey, etc., etc., etc., etc., … Trump and the Trump WH are a band of serial liars who repeatedly get caught in their own lies (you'd think they would've learned by now, except that Dipshit Donald is not only a serial liar but also a blithering imbecile who refuses to take the sound advice of his otherwise sensible advisers).

  8. Memo is coming out, and there is nowhere for the Left or the corrupt FBI to hide, and the snowflakes in meltdown mode know it, except for the really stupid ones.

  9. Of course, because people or democrats are going to use every move, every thing that happens daily in the political world, against and to blame Trump, this is the best example as to why the President have not stop or fire Muller. Why?? because they are going to blame Trump for obstructing justice. A justice that doesn't exist. So, fuck up the way this bunch of traitors can get away with this shit. He is stepping down, because he knows that what is coming down is not nice, is fury and fire from heaven, my friends. Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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