Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) discusses whether Congress will consider an immigration bill that leads to a path to citizenship for Dreamers.



  1. Her comment is moronic. Using example of nurses, we have plenty here in the states who are looking for jobs. With millions of citizens out of jobs we don't need to import the dregs of other countries.

  2. Millions all over the world and of all races and backgrounds want to come to America and be "Americans". But these Illegals "Demanding" citizenship , are hurting the others who want to come here. I am less and less concerned over these "Demanding" Dreamers. They not only want to stay "This is the only country they know" which in many ways i agree with, but they want ALL illegals to stay. Americans have spent Billions of OUR tax dollars helping Illegals yet they keep DEMANDING more. Come here the right way and become Americans, we welcome you. Come here the WRONG way, "Go Home" Build the Wall.

  3. Our citizens need to be able to raise families in safe, cohesive communities. Immigrants make that nearly impossible. The people who say “we are all immigrants” don’t respect the fact that we Americans have our own culture. We don’t simply need foreigners to “integrate”; we need them to stay the hell away.

  4. Can we just seriously invade Mexico, overthrow their government, slaughter the cartels then send all of these people back to their land. Keep your culture there, we have our own. GTFO

  5. Stupid to give amnesty first and hope the democrats will agree to limiting chain migration, the wall, visa lottery, and E verify.

    1900’s immigrants were legal, couldn’t use food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, medicare, and any other taxpayer provided “entitlement” program. They came on the promise that they could work to better themselves. Not get a degree in Latina studies and then ask why they can’t get a job

  6. Zero tolerance for illegal immigration. If you let one stay then they all want to stay. Obama was an illegal & look at the problems that terrorist has caused


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