White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says President Trump has not abandoned the idea of Mexico paying for his border wall.



  1. Follow up " What has the Trump administration done to date to have Mexico pay for the wall." i bet nothing, not even a drafted letter or an email chain.

  2. In other words, "Trump knew it wasn't going to happen but I have to tell his base that it still may happen to keep them happy."

  3. Trump asks congress/tax payers for 18 Billion to build 'the wall'….
    And still wants you to believe that Mexico is going to pay for it~!
    This is a classic Con-man's game.

  4. Yeah. Let's make the sun pay up for our high electric bills during the summer. We should take them to court. Lol stupid Trump and his supporters.

  5. Mexico is trying to keep the Mexicans over here because they send money back home, that's disgusting Mexico should pay for the wall one way of another

  6. Fuck you fake President and your wall! Your poor uneducated won't get you reelected. The rest of the country is wide awake to your bullshit now!

  7. I think by now the reporters in those so called press briefings have adapted and just ask questions for fun. They do not expect any real answers from that thing, I do not know how to call that strange creature that looks a little like an old hag.

  8. The real American the native wants his stolen country back first them build as wall to keep you migrant offspring moron idiots out

  9. Alternative fact lady!
    There is a big difference between "wants" and " Mexico WILL pay"
    I do WANT to win the lottery but that doesn't mean I WILL.
    At the end, US citizens WILL end up paying for this useless wall with our taxes.

  10. President Trump actually accomplishes wonderful things that no other Republican in many many decades would have even attempted. The President has courage and integrity!
    Plus he's good entertainment as he does it. haha
    Loving those liberal tears.

  11. Sarah huck sanders looks almost disillusioned being up there, either that, or she is havi g a stroke, or she is truly a Neanderthal as I have thought all along…


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