Every day we stray farther from Gods mild, now you’ll be able to stray even additional with Whoa! Crash Bandicoot Doom! Fair warning, this may occasionally encourage never-ending nightmares and an irrational hatred of crappy youngsters toys.

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Woah! Crash Bandicoot Doom (unofficial redux) ▼

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    You tried the DIO mod before.
    The same creator made another mod where you play as
    Kira Yoshikage instead. Would be cool for you to try it

  2. I skipped through this whole stupid video to try to hear the sound but was only met by your droning voice. How did you fill 6 minutes without letting the audience listen to the game. I don't get it.

  3. Don't even bother getting the N Sane Trilogy, just wait for someone to build a competent Crash Bandicoot engine clone like they did for Donkey Kong!

  4. Would have been more interesting if you combined many meme-mods into one massive meme-mod that'll combine the effort of all the memefull moders into one insane experience that is most likely to induce vomit out of people.

  5. So I get that its crash saying "woah". but where does that animation and weird sounds actually come from? Its not from that actual games.. right?

  6. that mod is funny to me well like imagine must be more hilarious as to be Dr.cortex facing against a entire army of Crash Bandicoot

  7. I feel like this is the kind of wad you would make if you were planning to fake your own death.

    Or real your own death, I don't know. I just know that this disturbs the fuck out of me and I want it to go away and die.

  8. I think the fidget spinner is just another entry in a very long history of extremely short lived children's distractions that neither you or I are exactly strangers to; it'll die as quickly as it appeared, but from the perspective of someone in elementary, it's probably not as quick as you'd think; after all, a year in child's life feels a LOT longer than it does as an adult.

    Surely you remember the Koosh balls and the Coca-Cola yo-yos? Sure, Koosh balls are still around in some form or another, but they're now off-brand and nowhere near as huge as they were when they came out. You even had Jurassic Park Koosh dinosaurs!

  9. Beyblades atleast were fun to crash at each other and see wich one keeps spinning. the spinner…. just does that… spin

  10. We've finally reached the perfect meme capacity. Brothers and sisters. I think the time has finally come. The stars are aligned. It's time to gather together and assemble ICARUSLIV3S YTP Collab.

  11. "… Revisit Yo-yos"
    YES! Thank you, I've been saying the same thing. At least Yo-yos involved a little hand-eye coordination; skill.

  12. Thanks for letting us experience the mod raw with no commentary for the 5 seconds it would've took to do so before talking over it for 6 minutes non-stop. Literally defeats the purpose of showing off this kind of mod if you are just going to talk over it the entire time. You start off the video by literally taking 40 seconds to describe what you could've just showed in 5 seconds if you had just shut the fuck up and let the mod play with no commentary for a brief moment.

  13. Fidget spinners were for kids with ADD and other neural health issues. But of course, everyone jumped on the train and ruined it for them.

  14. These kind of mods make me think of Lance Henriksen's line from The Terminator, "I hate press cases. Especially the weird press cases."

  15. [Particular Woahs Intensifies]

    1:59 "This thing's gonna be stickin' around for an inconfortably long time"
    BAM! Behind The Meme kills another great meme
    3:33 I had an idea of mixing a YoYo and a Fidget Spinner right now… if that istill doesn't exist or no one thought about this I think I can get some views or subs on my channel right now 😉

    Wait I don't have stuff to record or even a "YoYo Spinner/Fidget YoYo"


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