35 years later and nonetheless no person can beat Todd Rogers time, not even the sport itself.

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  1. Another thing that could have happened is that Todd had another trick that he didn't tell anyone and used the trick that he told everyone to make it seem like he would tell the public but in fact he didn't.

  2. The rarest thing that ever happened to me with no proof was how I got 3 back to back shineys in Pokemon heart gold, I literally lost my shit

  3. so first of all I know everyone is gonna say I'm full of sh!+ but let me start by saying I have never heard of this guy and have never known anything about this record or people not knowing how it was done. I'm 37 years old and when I was Idk around six or seven before I got my first Nintendo atari and all of the other video game stuff at that time was all I could get my hands on. I remember this game and I remember having gotten that time 5.51 the reason I can remember it was because I couldn't ever beat it. maybe I'm misremembering or have given myself a false memory any of that is possible because truthful I can't really remember anything other than getting that number and not being able to beat it and I do think I have one of the worst memories on planet earth. I can honestly tell you that in my own memory of that game as little of that memory that I have I can remember getting that number.

  4. Emulators don't prove anything because they don't 100% accurately represent the actual hardware. They are just close enough for the roms to run.

  5. I see two possibilities on how this could have happend.
    1. Different software version. Could there have existed cartridges back in 1980 which was made from a different source code version of the game? I would imagine that Activision's source code control wasn't great back then and they might not have any records of this today.
    2. Memory manipulation. The TAS runs focus on getting the perfect inputs during the race, but what if there is some combinations of presses executed before the race that could have altered memory to make this record possible?

    The fact that the details provided by Todd Rogers regarding how the run was performed cannot be recreated in a TAS today, such as starting the race in 2nd gear, points to one of these two explainations being likely.

  6. Twin Galaxies were ALWAYS shady. It's only been in the past few years that Walter Day realized was a shady bastard he was, especially with favoring the original gamers like Mr. Hot Sauce and doing everything he could to use them to keep the TG name on the map. Todd Roders was one of his minions. So when Todd says that TG witnessed his run, I don't buy it as legit for one second… of 5.51 seconds.

  7. "…shouldn't be allowed to hold the longest standing record if that record can't be beaten."

    Excuse me… What?
    That means no one is allowed to ever have a record… ever… cause eventually a limit will be reached.

    If the record can't be matched, then that's a problem, but not being able to beat a record is not a problem.

  8. "why cant this world record be broken"
    are you serious? things can only get so fast, jesus christ people will post anything for views.


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