Anyone else having points with celebs disrobing within the title of empowerment? I am positive you are not stunned that I do and I believe it’s best to, too! Is the best way to encourage younger women’ confidence to equate nakedness with empowerment? Today’s vlog at present discusses all of it!

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  1. Hi Mayim! My name is Amanda, I'm 19 years old and I met you some time ago through the video of Science and Religion. First of all, sorry for my terrible English. I'm from Brazil, I've never done English classes, so everything I know I learned watching shows and movies subtitled, so I'm really sorry for the grammar mistakes and that horrible writing. I always watch the videos on your channel and read the Grok Nation articles, and you have inspired me to search, think and analyze subjects that I had never stopped to think about before.
    You teach me a lot about feminism, that I can be beautiful by my intelligence and not just by my appearance. I hope more girls can know the work you do and realize they can be strong, smart and beautiful, just like you! Thank you for teaching me that I can be whatever I want ❤

  2. Hi Mayim. I absolutely love the message you put out. I am glad I grew up never had to worry about any of those things because they were not a thing back in a day. I can't even imagine how confusing it would be now. I love your videos. Thanks ! 🙂

  3. I do appreciate your message, however it is empowering for a woman to see other women embracing their body. Nudity does not necessarily equate with sexiness. It is about appreciating the bodies we are born with as women tend to find the most faults with their appearance. To see someone that is not super skinny show off their body shows girls that their size, shape, does not matter. Outward beauty is simply a shell.

  4. I really liked your channel and videos, but after the video on open relationships and this video, I don't think I'll be subscribed to your channel anymore. I appreciate you sharing your opinion, but I wish you would get some outside perspectives as well. Talk to someone who is in an open relationship, bring someone on your video who is body positive and gets naked as a form of empowerment. I understand where you're coming from, and you do make good points, but parts of these videos are perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

  5. I really like you view about the world and our society. Honestly I can't think anybody who empowering and encourages me like you. And it is a huge think for me because I felt a lot of time that I'm some weirdo because of my thinking. Just because I don't believe a women need to be naked or "put out what they got" to reach their goal, I don't believe that you should drink and party all the time to feel happy. And here in my age this is very strange… So it makes me so happy that somebody who is famous especially an actress use her "power" to show people other ways to feel strong, smart and spectacular 🙂 I just wanna thank YOU! (I'm sorry if my grammar isn't quite right, this is not my first language 🙂

  6. But Mayim… I think you ARE pretty. You might not be the classic beauty, but you have a beautiful face with striking features which I find very attractive.

  7. thank u Mayim, I recently just found ur channel & although I don't share allot of ur views I could listen to u talk all day there is something truly wonderful about ur voice ?

  8. Mayim – I LOVE your message that empowerment does NOT need to be synonymous with getting naked (or almost) for women. Also, the Fun With Flags comment had me in tears it was so amazing! LOL
    You are a true role model and I love bringing your existence to other people's attention that don't know of you yet; especially if they have girls! 🙂 Keep up the amazing work of being you and spreading knowledge and laughs to us!!! Looking forward to the next amazing video. 🙂
    Love, Light and Ladybugs <3

  9. Mayim, you are more beautiful to me as a very smart woman than you could ever be physically. (But personally, I've had a crush on you since I first saw you appear on MacGyver back in the 80's. I think you are the most beautiful woman that God has ever created.) Keep doing you vlog, and I will always tune in to see your shining face and beautiful feminism.

  10. I watched this with my seven year old daughter, and she said, "mum this lady is amazingly smart and has very pretty eyes. I think she is just brilliant. I want her to talk more" the world needs more like you mayim. Thank you.

  11. Mayim Bialik, you are amazingly beautiful. Mind, body and soul I believe that you are lovely. Perfect and perfectly flawed, I could talk and listen forever with a woman as you.

  12. I think there is a terrible mistake somewhere. Naked is not sexy. Sexy is when the mind wants to remove clothes, which implies that there are clothes to take off. Correct me of you have studied the effects, but as far as I know that is why designers show some flesh or a curve but make the brain do the rest.

  13. As someone working in popular media do you make a point to lessen or make your makeup more natural for the reasons you listed in the video?

  14. Why not fun with flags? 😉 Loved this video. May I ask, as a scientist, what is your view of astrology? (Disclaimer: I'm an astrologer myself. I love the subject). I promise not to be offended or hurt by your views, whatever they may be. ***

  15. I completely agree with you, I don't think that the only way to be empowered is to pose in a tiny bikini for a photo and then post it.
    But what I like the most about your videos is how well spoken you are. Use of words is amazing, something that I struggle with myself. It is very refreshing to listen to an actress that can express herself beautifully. Honestly, thank you!

  16. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Wonder Woman movie!! I loved it, and thought it was very well done. Somehow they managed to film Gal Gadot wearing a pretty skimpy outfit throughout the film without sexualizing her at all and it was such a breath of fresh air! Patty Jenkins did amazing work!

  17. I agree with most of what you say but I also think nudity can be very empowering for some people. It's so taboo in our society to show flesh, look at the stigma regarding women's vs. men's nipples and breast feeding in public. There is a double standard when it comes to nudity in society at large and I applaud those willing to put themselves out there and take on social norms and be criticized for it.

    The human body, specifically the female form, historically wasn't something to be ashamed of. People used to use communal toilets and wear clothing items that were revealing in ancient cultures.

    I think the rise of religion and the belief in a single god left the door open for men to subjugate women and make our bodies and nudity seem immoral and something to be ashamed of.

    Men took their own insecurities regarding the female form because of their arousal and sexual attraction to women and imposed ridiculous codes of conduct for women regarding behavior and dress, some of which are still practiced today.

    I agree that we need to teach young girls and boys that we are more than our physical appearance, more than a size or our weight on the scale. But I also think women, and men, should celebrate nudity and learn to become more comfortable with our natural state of being. I think it would be one step closer to acceptance of each other as a species and allow us to evolve into a more tolerant society as a whole by viewing each other as equals and not somehow fundamentally different at our most basic state of being, nude.

  18. Mayim, you're amazing and you're totally spot on!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration to people everywhere <3

  19. Hi! I'm from Peru and I'm TBBT fan. I receantly suscribe to your channel and a I found it amazing… I found you amazig. What you say in this video about society, women and sexuality it's so true. And living in a development country, where this kind of thing usually leads to confusion because you want to empower women but also kwnow that taking your clothes off its not the way to do it. It would be amazing if you can have you channel with subtitles to spanish so many other people can watch it. Thanks!

  20. I watch your videos and am reminded again why I'm part of Grok nation and how great an example you set. I share these all the time especially with young women and can attest that you are helping own their minds. thank you

  21. Thanks so much, I love your message I am sharing on facebook with my 14, 200 followers and 5000 friends who are mostly women.

  22. I always had a hard time trying to articulate why this trend bothered me. Thank you for explaining it perfectly for me!

  23. Everything you say… I mean… Every video you have been making…. Every comment on current society is so so so true. I agree totally as a human being. I just love you and respect you more than I had ever before….. You are the Woman!!

  24. I love watching your video. I love how you give your opinion. You don't talk down, you don't call people names and you speak your mind calmly. So refreshing. You always give me something to think about. A way to look at the world in a different way. Something I would like to do in my own life when I speak to someone.

  25. Whilst I do agree with what you're saying, I find it interesting that you specifically picked out plus size as an example. I worry more about pop stars… I feel more and more young musicians feel the need to disrobe either at live performances or in music videos to get noticed. And what is this then saying to young girls? Just a thought 🙂

  26. Still the only thing that I can say is, that you have a very fortunate life, because you can care about stuff like that and I am happy for you.

  27. Hello Mayim, thanks for all the knowledge you transmits. Being a woman is so hard, and when I see a woman like you I feel represented (and recover a little my faith in humanity).
    Two themes I wanna see in your videos: female competition (or why society always say that women can't be real friends like men are) and the difficulty to be a woman in the science area.
    xo love you ?

  28. I personally would love to see women get naked in a non sexual way. It could be a way to show that they are not ashamed and they accept their body and are grateful for all of our unique differences as humans.

  29. I truly hope my daughter (1 and a half), will see a future where the mind is more important then the stereotypical models and she knows no matter her shape, size etc, she is beautiful.

    Mayim a lot of your videos are great and inspirational, thank you so very much for sharing your voice, and reaching so many around the world with this platform.

  30. I love this. Thank you. This trend has been on my mind a lot. I see how women keep getting naked in the name of empowerment. But society never asks boys and men to feel empowered by getting naked. There is an obsession with the female body and with placing women's value and importance on how "good and sexy" she looks. It's awesome you are making all these videos!

  31. Well said Mayim! as the mom of a teenage girl (and also an impressionable teenage son) I totally agree with what you are saying? it is so difficult to not let them become overly obsessed with how they look or how they come across to the opposite sex while all the people who they see as famous and beautiful are getting naked. To also try to tell my son that women are not just sexual objects is difficult when there is so much sexual explicitly in the media. I try to get them to understand that beauty is not just how you look but what is inside and how you treat others, Smart and kind is beautiful. Love is beautiful.

  32. With all the opportunities available in America I dont understand why our society is satisfied with young women feeling sexuality is needed to succeed when their. intelligence, knowledge, experience should provide the skill. Teach all our children that our individual appearance is a plus but not a display.


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