Why studying is most likely quicker than you assume it is.

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  1. I COMPLETELY BELIEVE THIS! Seriously I live my life this way. I beat box and yoyo passionately. One of the main reason I picked these thing are, they amaze the general public and I can do them EVERYWHERE In my normal day to day life. I have every opportunity to practice them both CONSTANTLY. this video is such an important message for anyone looking to master anything. This is very well put 😀

  2. Mike as a result of watching your channel, I too have learned how to ride a unicycle. Learning fixed gear no handed wheelies currently. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I get frustrated (as I so often do) I honestly keep thinking of all the things you show on your channel and it's pure re-motivation!

  3. Learn to play piano (this might be a long one) with a final test with high-level pieces like Chopin, Beethoven or something like that.

  4. I loved your unicycle video so much that I've decided to buy one and try, ive spent roughly 15 hours and still I cant do it, can you give any special advices? Besides to try and sell my unicycle.

  5. I feel like this is a little misleading. While it doesn't take tons of time of actual practice to learn something, just because you aren't consciously or physically doing that thing right this second doesn't mean you aren't learning it this second. The most obvious example here is sleeping, since that's when our brains take time to make and reinforce neural pathways and organize information. I know for me, if I'm trying to learn a new song, I can play it a handful of times one day, and get maybe 75% of the lyrics and chord changes down. But the next day, after sleeping, I know all the words and almost all the chords. I think this is because my brain buffers the information while I'm actively doing the thing, and then it slowly reorganizes, stores, and "learns" the information when I'm doing other things. I bet if you took two people and made them learn to ride a unicycle, but made one practice two hours a day and the other practice all day every day until they learned it, the first person would learn in less cumulative time, even if it took them longer in real time.

  6. I have so much love for this channel. Every video you make is quality and you can tell that you really care about making them ❤ I'm just gutted I didn't find this channel sooner, I'd have been one of your first patrons if I had! 100% deserving and i wish I could give more ❤

  7. I think it bears mentioning that the time you spend sleeping between attempts and longer breaks in general are important for effective learning to occur. If one was to spend a contiguous block of time to learn, I doubt it would be nearly as productive as what you show. This downtime encompasses neural rewiring and formation of new "circuits" to perform the specific tasks you're looking to learn. Essentially training of the "muscle memory". I think Destin from smarter every day has discussed some of this. In any case, stick to what's working and keep it up. Cheers


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