“He’s never had Britain’s best interests at heart” says political analyst Paul Wiffen as it’s revealed George Soros​ funded the Best For Britain​ campaign which hopes to force a second #Brexit referendum.

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  1. Why is this fat bas.tard allowed to interfere in our election , when Russia is persecuted for not doing so , and sanctioned ?

  2. Why has Soros been allowed to keep his blood money. .. for god sake get rid of this mischievous old old man. In fact all these families and people with to much time and money should be stripped of most of the wealth they have robbed from the people & the money should be used to rebuild people's lives who have been taken advantage of all their life.

  3. This is 400,000 you can see. He,ll be spending much more in ways you cannot see. You think Soros cares about Britain and it,s people?

  4. what a lying disingenuous reporter George Soros is a Hungarian Jew who work with the Nazis to kill his own f**** people obviously this report has had herv30 pieces of silver spreading lies

  5. This behaviour from Soros is proximal to treason. We had a democratic vote and now a billionaire is trying to undermine the vote. I voted to remain but we've voted and the results are in. This is not good.

    We need to accept the vote, form some unity again and move forward.


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