Helping people, Sonoma County resilience fund:

Sonoma County Recovers – direct aid to people in need

For animals, Marin Humane is doing so much:

Ways to Give

A local community fund for agencies

Our Berkeley Fire Fighter who lost his home:



  1. Thank you for posting. I'm seeing this video everywhere, but not always seeing the charity links mentioned. I went to go looking for the charities after the end of the video and ended up here.

  2. Thank you Berkeley Fire! Your efforts saved homes and lives. This is an incredible video from the perspective of timeline. I can't imagine what you thought when you arrived at your rendezvous point not knowing the neighborhood.

  3. Thank you so much for showing up and helping — with how fast the fires spread, I doubt there'd be anything left of Sonoma County right now if you hadn't.

  4. You saved my home that was just on the west side of Barnes road over the tracks. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! You guys are such bad asses!!

  5. This is terrorism thats why it isn't being covered in the news as much the government doesn't want it known….someone is intentionally starting these fires.

  6. Incredible video and excellent job of saving what you could. We helped save the town of Brookings, OR. from the Chetco Bar Fire. The fire reached nearly 200K acres and many homes were lost but nothing like this. It is unimaginable the vast destruction that could happen in the middle of a major metropolitan city.

  7. It never ceases to amaze us how selfless, hardworking and heroic – the fire brigade are. In Australia they are all voluntary. Thank goodness for all of you. You can only do what is possible.

  8. Hell Storm..
    It just reminds me that fire storm of the Allied {america+england} defenseless people of Germany for a months AFTER the end of the war {with plan of wipping the people! which was exactly war crimes but no one tellin about that..}.

    The difference was that it was a fire by a fire-bombings and this fire is a natural occurrence…
    that fire was throwed down by allied planes and by command of a criminal psychic bastard general who called Eisenhower{A fukin dirty son of the shiti bitch Jewish !+ some fat shiti ass mother sucker bitch who called Churchill}, AND this fire throwed by maybe fukin god or maybe those innocent DefencLess people souls.
    in that fire, nobody was able to escape., war was ended and germany was destroyed but those son of the shit generals+these mother fucker jewish elites in NY and washingtown and england WONTed to be lettin go any german people after war.. that bombing was after endin war and nofukin bodies want to talk about that yet ! that was the REAL genocide. but they maked false one for foolin the people by their fukin dirty media news..

    BUT in this fire, which was carried out by the mother of nature, almost everyone escaped., {Almost!}.
    just askin to ur selfish selfs WHY does America suffer from a natural disaster?! Why is it so bursting from within by its own people! {black+judes+homosexuals+fake news+liar politics+Stealer banks+near countries people+drugs+suicides+terror by schol kids!+or killing people in conserts in famous cities+Thieve capitalists+natural disasters the worst ones!}…
    america is destroyin from inside, without any outside wars.. ! the hateful country in the world after north korean., the country which isnot loved even by their guested people.

  9. Thank you for posting this, it really helped me understand the magnitude and intensity of the fires and what you were up against. I used to live in Berkeley (now in San Francisco), stay safe and thank you all.

  10. Hi there, my name is Tom Dare and I work for a UK-based press agency. May we have permission to use this video in a story we're writing about the fundraising effort, with full credit to the Berkeley Fire Department?

  11. Hi! Artemis from CNN here, great video you've posted 🙂 Did you shoot this video? If so, may CNN use on all platforms and with affiliates with credit to you? Also, what name/organization would you like reflected on said credit? Thank you!

  12. It's 5am and that neighborhood with hundreds of homes and businesses in Santa Rosa has already burned down? Why did they wait so long to call for assistance? Where are the people who lived in those homes?

  13. I am doing a documentary on the experiences of individuals in my home town of Santa Rosa and would love to interview you all if you are up for it. I also would be very grateful if I could use some of your footage, but even more so excited to sit down and talk to you in person. Please let me know if we can make this happen.

  14. Hello there, crazy reportage! This clip has an amazing view, thank for sharing. I'm a journalist for the news agency Newsflare and I'm looking to speak with you regarding media interest in your clip. Please respond to me at [email protected]newsflare.com and I'll send through more information about how we work. Thanks!

  15. Hello. Would McClatchy (including Modesto Bee and Sacramento Bee) be able to use this video on our digital platforms + native player with credit to you?

  16. Thank you so much for coming up to Santa Rosa and fighting this fire. You saved the house that I grew up in. Not only that, you without a doubt saved lives in this area. We are so grateful for your service.

  17. You can live on the coasts and be consumed by the rapidly-rising oceans, live in forested areas and be consumed by fire, live near fault lines and be obliterated by earthquakes, or live in California and experience all of the above.

  18. Firefighters are always heroes.
    They always do the RIGHT thing too.
    Sometimes they even help out civilians in riots, like we saw in Catalonia.


  19. A million thanks to the firefighters to risked their lives to help save the people of Santa Rosa and the other communities that were burned. Brave, difficult work. Heroic.Thank you Berkeley fire fighters.

  20. It's their job to save us so we should thank them. THAMK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKS YOU IT MEANS A LOT THAT YOUR SAVING OTHERS ???


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