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00:04:30 ROUND 1 Worst film of Summer 2017?
00:21:47 ROUND 2 What two actors ought to star in a Face/Off reboot?
00:31:09 ROUND three Best Schwarzenegger comedy of all time?
00:45:54 ROUND four In honor of Labor Day arising — What film character has the most effective job?
00:59:33 ROUND 5 After “IT” ruins clowns ceaselessly, what different occupation ought to get its personal horror film?
01:09:45 SPEED ROUND

1) Either:
a – Refresh the web page
b – Turn your annotations off and again on (do that by clicking the gear icon on the underside proper of video’s progress bar)
2) Scroll over the white circle with an “i” within the center (aka The iCard) and solid your vote! You can change your vote because the spherical progresses!
three) Repeat every spherical!

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  1. Wonder Woman became available for digital download on Aug 29th. Can you please do an HT for it, or are you waiting for it to come out on Blu Ray?

  2. Hey, I thought King Arthur was pretty clever. It was clearly an origin story, so I don't expect all the Arthurian tropes to make it in the first movie. The problem is so many things didn't quite mesh. I'm sad that it will never get a full chance to move forward in future movies, because we would have seen Merlin and so many other things.

    And yes, I'd watch King Arthur again.

  3. I think Mark should have won the "which character had the best job" question just because the other twos' arguements is that "it's the best job because you get away with not doing your job". How can you call it the best job when you don't want to do it?

  4. I really wish politics could be left out of Movie Fights. Politics are so subjective as it. Unless an action is done to someone, or something is very obviously offensive, there is no way to prove if it is or not. Anyone can be offended by anything, and just because you find that unreasonable, doesn't mean it isn't true. If your mind automatically jumps to something political and not a personal experience, then likely you are the problem.

  5. Face/Off should be with two rappers (yes, black ones) who have little acting experience. In Hong Kong. Instead of a surgery, their faces are changed by a magic statue. They both like the same girl played by a famous Chinese actress. There's a fight in a dance club. There's a comic relief in the form of an overweight, clumsy cop. The day is saved by a kid in a puppy costume dancing on a giant beach ball. Also, Papa John's product placement.

  6. The only part of King Arthur I diden't like was the Bad guy and the Last fight…… Else I liked the story 😀 Out of them 3 I would have to say Baywatch without a douth

  7. Okay Screen junkies. I love you. But, WTF. the emoji movie is the worst movie of the summer. I wanted to cut off my foot. I love bad movies. Like, I have a hard time not enjoying movies. The emoji movie was one of the first films to make me walk out of the theater unhappy with myself and the world. It's disgusting.


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