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  1. Guys, seeing how Orton improved (one of the best looking superstars in WWE 2K), Seth Rollins improved (another good looking superstar in WWE 2K), and Lesnar improved (Yet another one), and Cena (another good looking one).

    Imagine how Triple H and Undertaker look? HHH and The Undertaker are arguably the best looking superstars in WWE 2K since WWE 2K15, and seeing how they managed to improve so many stars already imagine how they'll look. Kurt Angle too. Back in the SVR games, for the time, Kurt's model and face was pretty damn impressive.

  2. Lmao not only will last gen users not be able to buy this game but now they have to suffer on how good it looks. Maybe now we dont see "No difference at all" comparisons

  3. 2K, for WWE 2K19 can you think about maybe adding another difficult level. Because honestly, I find Hard and Legend easy. The only thing I don't find easy on Legend is making someone who's resilient to submissions tap out. But please, maybe add a Hardcore mode where the AI is more difficult, or a different name. I just said Hardcore cause that's easy.

  4. Looks like they doing exactly what they did for nba 2k18 graphical and lighting wise..Going to have to see when the final comes out but nba 2k18 looks different from 2k17

  5. My dad was a crowd member in 16, 17, and now 18! He's the guy walking up the stairs at 2:03 in the 2k18 entrance. I have no proof that he's my dad, but just take my word for it.

  6. I want a game with 2k's engine (but button mashing not stupid mini games), a bunch of cool rings, simple but varied match types and nothing but legends. Fuck your graphics 2K, can we play 4 on 4 survivor series yet? It's only been since super wrestlemania on snes. Nice next gen tech.

  7. Still a piece of shit with shitty improvements I honestly see no improvement in Randy Orton's entrance except for the characters model only brock Lesnar looks insane . However I do not deappriciate 2K it's one of the things that makes me alive.

  8. I am pretty impressed but I have a feeling that the entrances will be the same as last year's in terms of mannerisms.

  9. They cant even create a game properly, the guy i conquered at summerslam last year, randy orton looks like an ass in 2k18,They even screwed my hair in 2k18, what a crap game this is going to be, graphics look like cartoon models, pure crap, If you buy this crap game, I will take all of you to Suplex city bitch!

  10. Please give batista a new batista bomb or bring back the older one the new one just sucks….and please make him shake the ropes before he does the batista bomb…i just upgraded to the cena enough edition lol just for the animal batista

  11. I am very excited to see AJ Styles' entrance in WWE 2K18
    I hope they have changed his entrance. 2k17's entrance was trash.

  12. last year they said they were going for a more realistic gamestyle for 2k17 how the fuk did the not notice the weightdetection?bak in past wwegames u could hav seen the strugge to lift when a smaller superstar try lifting a bigger superstar .i thought 2k17 was gona be that way instead it was stupid .i pre order the game everyyear and hav to trade it bak in pretty fast,it gets boring fast.i also get a feelin the struggle to lift a heavy superstar wasnt imply in wwe2k18 am feeling it .hope i dont have to preorder another year and trade it in early again lol

  13. everyyear this game alwayz brings a great feeling when release because am in canada and it release on the holloween month beginning of the cold season winter where the place starting to look cloudy .thats a gud time to hav fun streaming this game on utube and make it fun only if 2k put fun modes in it

  14. u wont believe i saw myself in my owndream playin wwe2k16 i think or 2k17 it was a great dream………………………my career free roaming how fun will that be?when i heard wwe2k15 was gona get a my career mode and it was ony execlusive for ps4 and xbox1 i was so happy for a mycareer mode i quickly went and get me a used referm ps4 only for wwe2k15 .here comes 2k18 where u hope for the goood but expected the worst lol

  15. I love how the animations are EXACTLY THE SAME. You are buying the EXACT SAME GAME again people. SMARTEN UP. DO NOT BUY it so they are forced to MAKE IT BETTER.

    The buyers are encouraging this lazy development!


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