Welcome to the world of Alrest! Your introduction to the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 begins here with this special Nintendo Direct.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available 12/1! https://goo.gl/HmM6QH

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  1. Dont missunderstand, Im looking forward to tha game and I adored XC1. Its just… the game seems too colorful and I kinda miss the british accent of the characters 😉 I just hope the story is as good as the first one. 😀

  2. i was wondering if you need to have played or know the og xenoblade chronicles before playing this one?? it looks rlly fun and i'm interested but don't wanna be completely lost when it comes to lore )^:

  3. "Use Pyrra as some form of Weapon?" … godamnit, it already told me the ending, and all I needed to do was watch some Anime, Play Xenoblade Chronicles and BlazBlue, and watch the trailers. (Look back at the first trailer to see what I'm talking about.)

  4. Im starving for a good JRPG
    and this is exactly what I was lookin for
    reminds me of the good old grandia 2 / skies of arcadia dreamcast days 🙂


  6. 2:21 Poppi was already my instant favorite just upon seeing that, but then they reveal that amazing minigame! It's sealed… She is my ultra favorite.

  7. Thank god we're not starting a massive shitstorm about the existence of dlc, even though it's properly implemented and they're selling us a full game

  8. Zelda didn't make me buy a switch. Mario Odyssey didn't make me buy a switch. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will make me buy one! I can't pass up a Monolith Soft Game even if it costs me half a grand!

  9. I guess this looks pretty good. A bit disappointing for a Xenoblade game imo. I honestly would've preferred an XB1 HD reamake, but I just really hope this does well.
    Maybe the first would get some recognition it deserves.


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