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  1. strictly streets they say get the money show em how itz done girl you you make that shit look Ez showem howitz Done!

  2. yo we got the army loken like a running away fine we seal it up bag it down tanks for the work casin money mine now got to putthe caps on th e rims monots iga

  3. 480 Gz was fucked how it's felt with out house or cars just fast to make me hurt .. fuck the law I didn't grownup stupid I could be in Kylie Jenners guts then dip lol I had better still .. Sony Vega visuals flipped gold melt like I had to flip my old mattress nuts from bitches like eww I miss whores they washed up miles on them now and sink birdy bath skills that's a gift bitches smell balls lol crazy is fear of that trumps a shooter..get n me 100

  4. hey every body yall should check bnard dollaz he go hard but i want yall check him out if yall have time u can just Google him

  5. Yo gotti don't worry about nothing keep doing you I'm from south Memphis o g I been rocking your music every since you came out and we been watching your back for a long time you will see us real soon and if anybody put one finger on you the world will seeso everybody better take a step back and walk away we not playing with nobody

  6. Gotti lit af this song is so serious but he sampled nelly and Kelly Rowland song from back in the day …. @gotti explain yo self bruh ??

  7. Gotti you killed it like some girls pussy dawg. Hey fellas this is such an random shit and sorry for this but i got something amazing for you people. Just search in google for "wdbox420" to get yourself some stoner kit for as a giveaway/free/ sponsored by Snoopy Dogg if you're a stoner. It worked for me so, got it shipped last week via FedEx and shipping was payed by them so i wanted to share this with you! Sorry again folks for this random comment.


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