Three British women talk about their feminism and how they are continuing the legacy of the Suffragette movement.

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  1. While agreeing with (and being grateful to) the three young women who speak here on many of the issues they raise, I can't help wishing that the first person did not seem to be assuming that all older feminists agree with all the views put forward by Germaine Greer. We don't. If only people would not generalise. It's unhelpful and disheartening.

  2. How to be a feminist:

    1. Hate men
    2. Dress and behave like a man.
    3. Hate children
    4. Want to abort all foetuses
    5. Be perpetually angry
    6. Refuse to recognise that men and women are different
    7. Try to be as butch as possible
    8. Believe that God is a woman
    9. Blame your inadequacies and failures on men
    10. Make your son wear a dress and give him a doll for Christmas

  3. Women got the vote because the rockerfeller family bankrolled the suffragette campaign. Why? So they could tax half the population through employment. Genius.

  4. Black girl "I had a crush on this guy but he wasn't attracted to black girls… I realise I never wanted any other black girl to go through what I went through"
    Therefore he's racist and I've suffered great trauma because he wasn't attracted to a certain skin colour.

    She's got it easy I'm gay and all these guys that I talk to say they don't want to date me because "they are not interested in men" or say "they are straight" fucking disgusting homophobic, alt-right, nazi sympathizers.

  5. – The overwhelming majority of British women, like myself, aren't feminists. Feminism, by definition, cannot represent most British women if they aren't feminists.
    – The left is very keen on 'self identity', until women don't identify as feminists, then they get annoyed.
    – 'Feminism is seen as a dirty word' – people don't have a hang up with the word, just what a lot of modern feminism entails.
    – 'I went to the Foreign Office and saw nobody like me' – mate you live on an island in the North Atlantic, why are you surprised most of the people running it are white?
    – 'The woman is still inferior' – I have been to Helmand Province where that is the case, that is bullshit in the UK, excuse the pun but man up.
    – 'In the political scene there aren't many faces that look like me' (said by a black lass). 8% of British MPs are 'BAME', I bet a good % of that 8% are black, so give or take a bit you are just about represented in Parliament. As feminists are obsessed with proportional representation (50/50 etc), am I to take it that when 13% of MPs are BAME (roughly the % in the wider population, I think!), will you say we should cap them at that. Of course not! Pick the best people for the job.
    – 'Most exciting time to be a woman' – In some ways definitely, and I wouldn't want to live in the past, but women score much lower on happiness scores now than they did in say the 50s, food for thought.
    – Feminism has no monopoly on equality, this whole 'you believe in equality? Congrats your a feminist!' thing is cringe, you may as well say congrats your an egalitarian! It has as much of a monopoly on wanting gender equality as socialism does on wealth equality, which is to say it doesn't have one.

  6. We need more reasonable women to publicly denounce these Marxist ideologues, I’ve read the literature and I know where this leads, roughly speaking.


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