A child was carried out of the Yankee Stadium seats Wednesday after being struck by a line-drive foul ball. CBS2’s Jessica Layton reports.



  1. How about this: sit at your own risk. Why should I be prevented from catching a foul ball because a stupid fan isn't watching the balls coming in the area? If you want to take the risk in those seats, sit there and buy the ticket. If not, buy tickets in the upper deck or a luxury box.

  2. put a net up and just have someone run out and get the ball then throw it over to fans so they can keep the ball….. everybody's happy.

  3. At the beginning of every game they say watch for flying objects leave the field i wouldnt like the net extending that far because than i cant catch a ball which is what alot of fans hope to be able to do at the end of the day it will happen no matter how long the net extends the only way to really protect people from foul balls is to put a net all the way to the foul poll and over top of the seats. Yes i feel really sad for this little girl and her family but i dont think the whole experience should be ruined for everyone

  4. Brace yourself. The "don't bring your kids to the game/pay attention" asswipes are coming.
    You show us your quick reflex fast enough to react to that.
    What? Can't do it?
    Then STFU and have a heart.

  5. They shouldn't put up anymore net. It does take away what baseball is really about. When you go to a baseball, everyone should already know to pay close attention to the game at all times. If fans do this, things won't happen like this. When putting up more nets, I feel that the feminist is in full force behind this, which is a soft way.

  6. Subtracts from the game experience – a rare accident, that's like 3 or 4 in one season. Really, why not do the same at race car tracks. Why not, it would certainly "add" to the experience.


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