Here are some less known things you can pull off on the battlefield in Breath of the Wild. I’m sure you’ll learn at least one new thing here today!

The Legend of Zelda – Fairy Fountain (Remix) by VGRemixes

The Legend of Zelda – Great Fairy Fountain by Chime



  1. Weird to see this video with so few views. Actually learned a few things from this.
    I had no idea about combining the chu jelly. Now I can use the yellow chu jelly the way I wanted to!
    Great Job.

  2. Awesome video once again. Keep it up if you can. Your channel has potential. Did I possibly make you interested in shield surf attacking your enemies with my last videos false statement about a shield surf stun?^^

  3. I'm mostly gonna use these for style and posting them on Twitter but some of these are really useful, such as switching weapons to recharge elemental attacks. Good stuff.

  4. Almost all of these were news to me. Except the Bow Switching tough shortcut. Knew that one. Doesn't the game even tell you that?

  5. 5:45 A less damaging way to get into ragdol state is to shield surf then switch your shield to no shield you will trip and enter ragdoll. Love your videos.

  6. You have the best BOTW content–you show things that add to the core game and are practical. The techniques are eye-catching as well.

  7. Cool video, these makes the game feel fresh and more fun. Btw at around 0:50 you have a falcon bow that shoots 3? Is that possible to get or is that some skin using a modded Wii u

  8. For the jump cancel, do you finish the chain of attacks or stop one short and jump? Also thanks for the awesome tips, I was pretty mind-blown to find out so much new stuff.

  9. Yep… I knew about the bomb arrows in Death Mountain… I had them equiped and when I tried to use them they exploded and it killed me… Yup.

  10. and here i thought there was nothing this game had to offer i didnt know about by now, lesson learned. admittedly there were only two or three things i didn't know but i thought it would be zero


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